Minnesota FAIR Plan

Reporting a Claim

If you need to report a claim, you can do so by calling us at 612-338-7584, or 800-524-1640 if outside the Twin Cities metro area.  Press 1 when directed to do so by our automated attendant, and your call will be directed to our claims department. 

You can also fill out a claim online by clicking here.


If your call is not taken by a member of our staff, or if you are calling when our office is closed, please follow the auto attendant directions to leave your loss notice on our voice mail system.  We periodically check our loss report hotline for loss reports whenever our office is closed. 


If your loss prevents you from residing in your home, please indicate so in your message, and we will do our best to contact you later the same day, or the following day at the latest.


MN FAIR Plan office hours


If your claim has forced you to move out of your home, notify us of your loss without delay, and be sure to leave the number where you can be reached if your home phone is no longer working.  We cannot provide the assistance you will need if we are unaware of your loss, or are unable to reach you.


If your claim is not an emergency, you can also report it by Email.


To speed the process of handling your claim, please have the following information available, or provide it in your voice mail or email message:

  • Your Name, Address

  • Phone numbers where you can be reached

  • Your Policy Number if you have it

  • The date of loss

  • The cause of the loss

  • The severity of the loss (especially if cannot live in your home)

  • The best time to contact you

Our adjuster will contact you as soon as possible after the receipt of this information, to begin the handling of your claim.


Minnesota FAIR Plan
1128 Harmon Pl. Suite 311, Minneapolis, MN 55403-2041

  • 612-338-7584 or 800-524-1640
  • Fax
    • Customer Service/Underwriting: 612-338-4543
    • Account/Claims: 612-455-0473


Our office is open to the public:
8:00AM to 4:00PM Monday through Thursday
8:00AM to 12Noon on Friday
Holiday Schedule

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