Minnesota FAIR Plan

About Us
  • Our Mission

    To provide owners and tenants of individual residences, small business owners, farmers and co-op residents an opportunity to purchase limited property or homeowners insurance when they are unable to do so in the voluntary market.

  • Our Strategy

    In fulfilling out mission we will:

    • Inform the industry and public of the existence of the FAIR Plan and its products
    • Provide courteous and professional service in a cost effective manner
    • Utilize standard insurance forms
    • Consider affordability for the public and competitiveness with the voluntary market in pricing our products
    • Exerice financial responsibility to the industry in setting our prices and developing a budget
    • Encourage fire prevention and the improvement of property
    • Educate Insureds and the public with regards to the availability of insurance coverage in the voluntary market
  • History of the FAIR Plan

    The Minnesota FAIR Plan was created by an act of the Minnesota Legislature. The purpose of the FAIR plan is to provide limited property insurance when coverage is not available from the private market, to encourage improvement of the properties insured by the FAIR Plan and to help speed our customer's return to the private market for their property insurance coverage.


    We cannot compete with private insurance companies.  The policies that we write are not as desirable as those available from private insurance companies, and they cost more than private insurance companies charge.  The coverage provided by the FAIR Plan is Non-Replacement, and only for a limited number of causes of loss.  Private insurance companies, on the other hand, often write Replacement Cost coverage as well as coverage for a greater number of causes of loss


    If you own residential or commercial property in Minnesota and have been unable to obtain property insurance, you may be eligible for coverage if your property meets minimum requirements.


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Minnesota FAIR Plan
1128 Harmon Pl. Suite 311, Minneapolis, MN 55403-2041

  • 612-338-7584 or 800-524-1640
  • Fax
    • Customer Service/Underwriting: 612-338-4543
    • Account/Claims: 612-455-0473


Our office is open to the public:
8:00AM to 4:00PM Monday through Thursday
8:00AM to 12Noon on Friday
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