Minnesota FAIR Plan

FAIR Plan Brochure

The FAIR Plan informational brochure  is now available online.

Click the hyperlink above to download our brochure. It can be printed as a two page document, or as a one page pamphlet that can be addressed and mailed to anyone requesting more information about the Plan.

If you wish to print this brochure as a pamphlet, you must have a duplexer on your printer. If your printer has a duplexer, after opening the document in Acrobat, select print from the File menu. When the print dialog box appears, make sure the printer with duplexer is shown as your output device. After selecting the correct printer, click the 'Properties' button to the right of the printer just selected. The properties dialog box will show tabs across the top. Select 'Finishing', then once on that page select 'Print on both sides', and then click okay. You will be returned to the print dialog box, where you can insert the number of copies you wish.

Once printed, the brochure can be folded letter-style, and a blank space will be present for purposes of addressing and postage. The brochure is two color, but will print as one color if you do not have a color printer.

Feel free to print as many copies of the brochure as needed, although please refrain from creating a supply of the brochure. Changes may be made to the brochure without notice, so please assure that you still have the current edition by checking the web site before printing what you need. We are not responsible for the distribution of outdated information.