Minnesota FAIR Plan

Other State FAIR/Wind/Beach Plans

The Minnesota FAIR Plan can only provide insurance for properties located in Minnesota.  If you have been cancelled, non-renewed or rejected for coverage on property located in another state, there may be a FAIR Plan in that state that can help you.  Here is a list of the FAIR/Wind/Beach Plans in other states:

Alabama Insurance Underwriting Association: www.alabamabeachpool.org

California FAIR Plan Association: www.cfpnet.com

Connecticut FAIR Plan: www.ctfairplan.com

Insurance Placement Facility of Delaware: www.defairplan.com

District of Columbia Property Insurance Facility: (202) 393-4640

Florida DBA: Citizen's Property Insurance Corporation: www.citizensfla.com

Georgia Underwriting Association: www.georgiaunderwriting.com

Hawaii Property Insurance Association: (808) 564-8200

Illinois FAIR Plan Association: www.illinoisfairplan.com

Indiana Basic Property Insurance Underwriting Association: www.indianafairplan.com

Iowa FAIR Plan Association: (515) 255-9531

Kansas All-Industry Placement Facility: (785) 271-2300

Kentucky FAIR Plan and Reinsurance Association: http://www.kyfairplan.com/

Louisiana Insurance Underwriting Plan & Joint Reinsurance Plan: www.lacitizens.com

Maryland Joint Insurance Association: (410) 539-6808

Massachusetts Property Insurance Underwriting Association: www.mpiua.com

Michigan Basic Property Insurance Association: www.mbpia.com

Mississippi Windstorm Underwriting Association: www.msplans.com

Missouri Property Insurance Placement Facility: (314) 421-0170

New Jersey Insurance Underwriting Association: www.njiua.org

New Mexico Property Insurance Program: (505) 878-9563

New York Property Insurance Underwriting Association: www.nypiua.com

Ohio FAIR Plan Underwriting Association: www.ohiofairplan.com

Oregon FAIR Plan Association: www.orfairplan.com

Insurance Placement Facility of Pennsylvania: www.pafairplan.com

Rhode Island Joint Reinsurance Association: www.rijra.com

South Carolina Wind & Hail Association: www.scwind.com

Texas FAIR Plan Association: www.texasfairplan.org

Texas Windstorm Insurance Association: www.twia.org

Virginia Property Insurance Association: www.vpia.com

Washington FAIR Plan: (425) 745-9808

West Virginia Essential Property Insurance Association: www.wvfairplan.com

Wisconsin Insurance Plan: www.wisinsplan.com

Minnesota FAIR Plan
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