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How to Obtain Coverage from the FAIR Plan

If you have been unable to obtain Homeowners or Dwelling Fire coverage from a private insurance company, you may qualify for coverage from the FAIR Plan.
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Any agent licensed to sell property insurance in Minnesota can help you get insurance from the MN FAIR Plan.  In addition to a completed application we require photos of the structures to be insured and a worksheet showing how the amount of coverage requested was determined.  Coverage can be effective the day after we receive all of these items.


Further details can be found on the Policyholder and Applicant page, listed in the links at the top of this page.


If your property is found to be insurable, a one-year Policy will be issued.  If your property is found to be ineligible for coverage, you will be advised what steps are necessary to make your property eligible for insurance.  A field representative may need to inspect your property.  This service is provided at no charge


Types of Coverage Available


The Minnesota FAIR Plan provides insurance on the following properties:

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Dwellings(Fire, Extended Coverage and Vandalism)
Owner Occupied
Non-Owner Occupied
Homeowners(Includes Limited Theft and Liability)
Owner Occupied
Condominium Unit Owners
Renter's Contents
Commercial Properties
Farms(Includes Theft)
Housing Cooperatives

What is the FAIR Plan?


The Minnesota FAIR Plan was created by an act of the Minnesota Legislature.


The Minnesota FAIR Plan was created by an act of the Minnesota Legislature. The purpose of the FAIR plan is to provide limited property insurance when coverage is not available from the private market, to encourage improvement of the properties insured by the FAIR Plan and to help speed our customer's return to the private market for their property insurance coverage.


We cannot compete with private insurance companies.  The policies that we write are not as desirable as those available from private insurance companies, and they cost more than private insurance companies charge.  The coverage provided by the FAIR Plan is Non-Replacement, and only for a limited number of causes of loss.  Private insurance companies, on the other hand, often write Replacement Cost coverage as well as coverage for a greater number of causes of loss


If you own residential or commercial property in Minnesota and have been unable to obtain property insurance, you may be eligible for coverage if your property meets minimum requirements.


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