Getting Insurance From the FAIR Plan

If you have been unable to obtain Homeowners or Dwelling Fire coverage from a private insurance company, you may qualify for coverage from the FAIR Plan.

Your Agent can assist you in the completion of the correct application form and gathering the other information that we need to process your request for coverage. If you do not have an Agent, you can find a listing of Insurance Agents in the Yellow Pages. The commission paid to your agent for assisting in the process does not increase the premium charged for coverage.

Answer all questions on the application truthfully, complete all sections, and be sure to sign it. In addition to the completed application form, you must include photographs of the front and back of all buildings and structures you wish to insure and documentation showing how the amount of insurance requested was determined, such as a your most recent property tax information showing the market value of the structures (or sales documentation if the property to be insured was recently purchased). If available, please include the Non-Renewal or Cancellation Notice you received from your former insurance company with your application for coverage.

Applications that are incomplete, do not include documentation showing the Insurable Value of the property, or are lacking any other information necessary to process, will be returned for correction.

If your property is found to be insurable, a one-year Policy will be issued. If your property is found to be ineligible for coverage, you will be advised what steps are necessary to make your property eligible for insurance. A field representative may need to inspect your property. This service is provided at no charge

Making Changes to your Policy

If you wish to change the Named Insured on your policy to another individual or organization, and remove your name, a new Application in the name of the new insured must be sent including current photographs and property tax information. We do not accept assignment of a policy.

All changes to your policy including changes to your payment plan, must be made in writing.You can mail, Email, fax, or hand deliver your request to our office. Our Fax number is 612-338-4543. Our office is located at 1201 Marquette Ave Suite 310, Minneapolis MN 55403-4425. A request for a change in coverage limits will be granted at the discretion of the FAIR Plan Underwriting Department. Requests for changes in limits of coverage must be accompanied by the most recent property tax statement showing the market value of the structures insured, showing how the amount of insurance requested was determined. Requests for increases in coverage will only be accepted if submitted by the agent or insured; we do not accept such requests from a Mortgage Company or a Mortgage Broker. The FAIR Plan is under no obligation to provide coverage equal to an insured's mortgage.

It may be necessary to inspect your property prior to approving your request. If we do inspect your property, the inspection will be done at no cost to you.

Making Premium Payments

You can now make payments online. Click here to Make An Online Payment

We accept payment by personal check, cashier's check or money order. We do not accept checks drawn on an agent's account. Payments must be made payable to: MN FAIR Plan or Minnesota FAIR Plan. We do not accept third party checks endorsed to the FAIR Plan.

We have set up a lockbox (PO Box address) with our Bank to receive premium payments. Our lockbox address is printed on the return envelope included with each installment billing as well as the billing itself. Including your policy number on your check will also help us assure application of your payment to your policy with a minimum of delay.

Payments received in our lockbox with the billing stub included or made online, will be credited to your policy the next day of payment so long as the payment is received by 12:00 noon. Payments that are received without the billing stub, or payments sent to our physical address, will be delayed in processing. We strongly urge all our customers to use the lockbox address with payment stub included, or pay online to eliminate any delay in the application of your payment to your policy.

Our lockbox does not accept payments that are sent via overnight, certified mail, any method that requires signature on receipt, or any other form of special delivery. Please do not send payments to our lockbox in this fashion, as your payment will not be applied to your policy. Payments for which you wish signature on receipt must be sent to our physical address. This will delay the processing of your payment. There is no real advantage to providing your payment in this fashion, and overnight delivery is also far more expensive. We suggest paying your premium online, or allowing sufficent mailing time for you payment as an alternative to more expensive last minute delivery methods that may in fact be slower to process once received in our office. If a last minute payment cannot be avoided, we suggest making that payment using our online payment system.

If you wish to make your payment in cash, you must visit our office at 1201 Marquette, Ste. 310, during normal office hours. Your payment must be received by a member of our staff, who will give you a receipt for your payment. We do not accept cash payments when our office is closed. Please do not leave cash without receiving a receipt for your payment.

Our lockbox address: MN FAIR Plan 13 NW 6237 PO Box 1450 Minneapolis MN 55485-6237. Payments sent to the lockbox must include the billing stub for immediate processing.

Leaving the FAIR Plan

One of the missions of the FAIR Plan is to make maximum use of the private insurance market and to return our insureds to the private market as soon as possible.In order to return to the private market, you must correct the problem that brought you to the FAIR Plan in the first place.

If you were unable to get insurance due to your credit history, you will need to either improve your credit rating, or find an insurer that does not use credit as an underwriting criteria. Not all insurers use credit as a reason to reject applicants.

If you came to the FAIR Plan because of too many claims, you will need to remain claims free for a few years before a private company will accept you.Accepting a higher deductible amount will sometimes help in this area.

If you came to the FAIR Plan due to the condition of your property, you will need to improve the condition of your property before you will be acceptable to a private company.

Review the Non-renewal or Cancellation Notice that you received from your previous insurance company.If you cannot tell why you were cancelled, ask your Agent to explain, or contact the company directly for an explanation.You have a right to know why you do not qualify for private company insurance.

Once you have a clear understanding of the reason for your non-renewal, cancellation or rejection as a new customer, you will be able to take steps to correct the situation. If you continue to have questions about the reason you were cancelled or non-renewed, please call the MN Department of Commerce Consumer Response Team at 651-296-2488 or 1-800-657-3602 for further assistance.

If you have questions about how to return to the private market, call us here at 612-338-7584 or 1-800-524-1640. It will be our pleasure to provide information, advice, and any other assistance needed to help you return to the private market.

If you are successful in finding coverage in the private market, we will refund your entire unearned premium as of the date that you cancel your FAIR Plan coverage.We do not penalize our insureds for mid-term cancellation. For this reason, do not wait for your FAIR Plan renewal date before buying a policy from a private insurer.

All requests for cancellation must be in writing, and signed by the insured or the insured's agent. Cancellation requests must include the policy number, policyholder name, insured location, and effective date.

Cancellations effective more than 30 days in the past must include documentation showing the date the insured's interest in the property ended, or the date that a replacement policy was put in force. A copy of the new declaration page will be sufficient documentation for a cancellation requested as a result of finding coverage with another insurer.

Reporting Claims

If you need to report a claim, you can do so by calling us at 612-338-7584, or 800-524-1640 if outside the Twin Cities metro area. Press 1 when directed to do so by our automated attendant, and your call will be directed to our claims department.

If your call is not taken by a member of our staff, or if you are calling when our office is closed, please follow the auto attendant directions to leave your loss notice on our voice mail system. We periodically check our loss report hotline for loss reports whenever our office is closed.

If your loss prevents you from residing in your home, please indicate so in your message, and we will do our best to contact you later the same day, or the following day at the latest.

MN FAIR Plan office hours

If your claim has forced you to move out of your home, notify us of your loss without delay, and be sure to leave the number where you can be reached if your home phone is no longer working. We cannot provide the assistance you will need if we are unaware of your loss, or are unable to reach you.

If your claim is not an emergency, you can also report it by Email or fill out a report online by clicking here.

To speed the process of handling your claim, please have the following information available, or provide it in your voice mail or email message:

  • Your Name, Address
  • Phone numbers where you can be reached
  • Your Policy Number if you have it
  • The date of loss
  • The cause of the loss
  • The severity of the loss (especially if cannot live in your home)
  • The best time to contact you

Policy Forms and Endorsements

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