Member Company Information

Information for our Member Companies is found in this area. Click on the link below to view or print the desired document. Please check this page periodically for updated information.

Participation factors are based upon each Member Company's financial results from 2 years prior to the assessment year.

The data used to determine participation factors is provided to us by the MN Department of Commerce, from NAIC reports.

If your company is interested in serving as a Private Member representative on the Governing Board of the MN FAIR Plan, please contact us. You may direct your inquiry to the Executive Director of the MN FAIR Plan. Private Director's terms are two years in length. Private Directors are selected by a vote of the Members at the Annual Meeting of the Member Companies held in March of each year. There are five (5) Private Directors who represent the industry on the Board of the MN FAIR Plan.

Board Representation is open to all Members of the MN FAIR Plan. The Governing Board of the MN FAIR Plan must include at least two Member representatives from companies domiciled in the state.